For digital nomads, their laptop is their life; it consists of every little thing they need; to perform tasks that help them earn a significant amount of money. Mostly digital nomads tend to work from the comfort of their home, but sometimes that isn’t fulfilling enough for them, and taking a break is the only thing running in their heads. However, the real trouble comes after the vacation idea pops up in their head because planning a trip requires a lot of work and, for digital nomads. Planning a trip also includes in thinking about what laptop they should travel with because as we all know, not all laptops are suitable for travelling. But since it’s time for them to take a vacation and to select a new laptop only for travelling purposes takes up a lot of time. We thought of making things easier for these keyboard professionals by highlighting five ideal laptops for them to carry as they travel around the globe. So, without further prolonging the intro let’s jump right into the topic, here are our top picks for five ideal laptops a digital nomad should be travelling with.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung has a long history of launching some undeniably impressive handsets across the globe; most people tend to love them for their smartphones. But that isn’t the only place where Samsung stands firm its laptops are also crazy good, they’re fast, they’re light-weighted, and by far they are one of the most successful brands to dominate the tech world but, we aren’t here to talk about how good Samsung is we are here to talk about the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. An undeniably outstanding laptop that every digital nomad would love to get his hands on. The specs include an Intel 8th generation I7 processor, the latest windows, up to 512 GB of disk space, and changeable ram, and the best thing of all its light-weighted. So, you can take it with you anywhere in the world without feeling like your shoulders going to fall off, plus Samsung discount codes are widely available online. Which means the laptop can be yours at a pretty low cost.

The 13 Inch Mac Book Pro

If you’re an avid Apple user, then the 13-inch mac book pro can be considered the ideal laptop for you. Because, not only is its durability ever questioned, its professional look and sleek designs are a perfect combination to make you look a little more ethical and trendy. For digital nomads that do a ton of work involving creating and designing this laptop is the right choice for them to get their hands own. The 13-inch Mac book pro specs include 10 hours battery life, 128 gigs of space, a 2.3 GHz Intel 5th gen processor with a turbo boost that goes up to 3.6 gigs, and an overall weight of 6.4lbs. So, you can rest assure that travelling with the Mac book pro while carrying your other things will be relatively easy to do so.

The Microsoft Surface Book

The above two mentioned laptops from Samsung & Apple are not for everyone since they got a pretty nifty price tag on them but, the Microsoft surface book which we’re going to talk about now might interest those that love decent specs at a good bargain. The Microsoft surface books aren’t quite as popular as other renowned laptop brands, but Microsoft as a distributor don’t easily back away from the competition. Microsoft Surface Book specs include 8 hours of battery life, 128 gigs of space, a 2.4 GHz Intel 5th gen processor, and weighs around 3.34lbs, which in comparison is fairly lighter than any laptop; which we’ll be mentioning on our list. Though the specs are quite outdated, and the performance isn’t enough to meet high-end laptops, it’s still the best value laptop product in the market. You can use Microsoft Promotional offers to get its price lowered down more if you think the price isn’t up to the specs they are offering, or you can simply purchase it at its original price. But for digital nomads that shop under a budget, this one’s a perfect gadget for them.

The HP Omen Laptop Series

Sure a digital nomad mostly uses its laptop for work purposes only but, since this is a piece on the laptops they should take on vacation we thought of adding the HP Omen laptop series. A person shouldn’t be all work and no play even a digital nomad needs some time off from all the task they do every day and, what better way to relax the mind while travelling then to play some of their favorite games. The HP Omen series is built for gamers that love to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The series has already introduced some pretty high-end gaming products in the market and, continues to one-up them every day so, if you are looking for a travel laptop that helps you balance both work and play. Then, HP Offers its Omen series to your disposal, pick the laptop you like and make the purchase at any time you like.

The Lenovo Idea Pad

After reading about all the other best options on our list, you might not even consider this laptop due to the low-end specifications it offers but, trust us when it comes to work even in low specs the Lenovo Idea Pad will get the job done. Build for the peeps that love to shop things at a budget is the Lenovo Idea Pad it consists of a 7 hour battery time, 500 GB Hard-drive (no SSD), an Intel Pentium 4405U (2M Cache, 2.10 GHz), two cores, four threads processor, and weighing about 5lbs only. The Lenovo Idea Pad is probably the most reasonably priced laptop on our list though it may not be for the nomads that do a lot of work on illustration and designing. But for those that dab in lighter work such as creating power points and excel sheets, this will be a perfect piece for them to purchase by using Lenovo Discount Codes from any given discount website online.

To conclude, we hope that you like our list of 5 ideal laptops a digital nomad should travel with and, also hope that this list helps you get what you are looking for in the market. But since laptops aren’t the only thing to be concerned about when planning a trip, your flight and hotel accommodation are also something’s that require deep thinking. Which is why we thought to even make that easy for you by mentioning the malindoair promo codes, you can use these codes to get a reasonable discount on both your flight and hotel to make the trip a tad bit more budget-friendly.

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